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Our aim is to grow more every day and reach new markets to our customers worldwide.


We currently have offices in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Peru, as well as warehouses totaling 7,000 square meters in Mexico City, specialized in logistics managmentpersonnel. 


We have a customer base of 300 companies.

Mexico´s branch

Colombia´s branch

Peru´s branch



Calle Darwin 74, Int. 301, Col. Anzures. Ciudad de México. CP: 11590.
Phone number: +52 55 55354828 / +52 55 55141160. E-mail: urglobal@urglobal.com


Alameda dos Maracatins, 780, 14ºpiso – Indianópolis. São Paulo. CP: 04089-001.
Phone number: +55 11 3467 0131. E-mail: urglobal@urglobal.com


93 B Street No. 19-35 Office 201. Bogotá.
Phone number: (571) 6359186. E-mail: urglobal@urglobal.com

Av. Ricardo Palma, nº 341, oficina 304, Edificio Platino. Distrito Miraflores. Lima.
Phone number: +51 (1) 242-89-27. E-mail: urglobal@urglobal.com


Guadalquivir street, 28, Puerta B. Madrid CP: 28002.
Phone number: +34 91 5777930. E-mail:

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